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Russia will use Syrian seaports to export wheat to the Middle East


Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Russia wants to use Syrian ports to ship grain to Syria and neighboring countries.  “Syrian ports are ideal for exports of Russian wheat not only to Syria, but via Syria to Iraq and other nearby countries.”  Russia harvested another record wheat crop this year, highlighting the necessity to export the grain.


US should have withdrawn its estimated 200 nukes from Europe long ago – Moscow


‘The US should withdraw the nuclear weapons it has deployed in Europe rather than upgrading them, a senior Russian diplomat has said. Moscow is concerned that the upgrades are making the bombs more suitable for actual combat.

The US stores an estimated 200 of its B61 nuclear bombs in countries like Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey as part of NATO’s nuclear sharing program. Russia has long considered the continued presence of American nuclear weapons in other nations as a hostile gesture after the Cold War.’


Trump’s new security strategy to keep Russia & China as main competitors


‘Trump’s new national security strategy will preserve the Obama-era declaration of Russia and China as the two main challengers to US global power, excerpts from the document released by the White House show …  It will state that China and Russia “are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence,”


Thomas fire could surpass 1889 Santiago Canyon fire, believed to be California’s largest


‘Ever since the Thomas fire erupted Dec. 4, it has steadily burned its way up the list of California’s largest wildfires since the Great Depression … ‘





America still hasn’t reckoned with the election of a reckless con man as president 


‘I’m tired of hearing about how Russia intervened in the recent U.S. election and tired of the talk about collusion, and I’m especially fed up with the speculation that all this will doom the Trump presidency.

My weariness is not due to a lack of indignation at how a foreign country covertly helped a reckless con man become president. And I would certainly celebrate if the uncovering of crimes forced President Trump to abandon the White House and slink back to his tower. But I fear that the Russia investigations — and the hope that they will save the republic — are turning too many opponents of this administration into passive, victimized spectators of a drama performed by remote actors over which they have no control … ‘


Where Is The Senate?

“The Senate’s duty is clear — to spell out the implications of Trump’s mishandling of U.S. foreign policy before the damage becomes irreversible.”

How senators of both parties have made themselves complicit in the unfolding folly of Trump’s foreign policy …


Rising seas will displace 150 million people by 2100, says climate report


‘Lands inhabited by more than 150 million people could be submerged in water by the end of this century. That’s according to the latest projections from a group of US researchers.

A new study published in the journal Earth’s Future used the latest information from the Antarctic ice sheet and combined it with existing models on the expected rise in sea levels … ‘


Siberian Farm Cats Have Absolutely Taken Over This Farmer’s Land, And They’re Absolutely Majestic


Stationed in Prigorodny, just outside Barnaul, Siberia, Lebedeva and her husband Sergey have been raising cats for over a decade. “How many do we have now? To such a question I usually answer ‘a million, maybe more,'” Lebedeva tells DesignYouTrust. “They live in the henhouse… They have three ‘little bedrooms’ there where can they sleep according to how they feel. Our cats protect the chickens and rabbits from rats and mice.”