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Economic Update: Transition Beyond Capitalism~RD Wolff


Season 6, episode 42. THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
00:57 – The economic costs/benefits of refugees in the US;
06:34 – the rise of the BRICS nations in the world economy;
10:21 – the privatization of US public libraries;
16:09 – announcements;
17:24 – slavery in the world’s economy today;
21:43 – and how the “gig” economy is simply another effort to profiteer from a longer working day.
28:22 – MAIN TOPIC: Wolff covers what the historical transition to capitalism suggests about a possible transition from capitalism to a worker co-op based economic system.

Palestinian diaspora of Latin America and Caribbean hold congress in Nicaragua


COPLAC represents almost 700,000 people who are living and working in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Representatives of the Palestinian diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean have been arriving in the Nicaraguan capital Managua as the Fourth Congress of the Confederation of Palestinian Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, COPLAC, gets underway on Thursday.

More than 120 Palestinian workers from Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Panama, Mexico, Chile, and Nicaragua are taking part alongside Palestinian organizations and representatives.

The event will be inaugurated by the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Denis Moncada Colindres and it continues until October 22.


Cuba congratulates China on Communist Party congress


The event opened with Xi Jinping revealing that the Party’s focus will be on “socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

Cuba has congratulated China as it holds the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, CPC, in Beijing.

“China is a country that offers confidence, security and, above all, much hope in how to build a better world in the midst of an international economic order characterized by inequality, exclusion and interference by imperial powers,” Guilarte added.

He said relations between the two countries are marked by “history, fraternity and brotherhood.”

“The ties between Cuba and China are a sign of how much both countries can advance in the consolidation of their commercial, economic, cultural and political ties,” he stated.

Xi Unveils New Chinese Communist Party Programmatic Guidelines




MOSCOW, OCTOBER 19, 2017— RT’s international #1917LIVE Twitter project, a large-scale historical re-enactment that marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution by recreating the events “in real time”, is a finalist at the 2017 Shorty Social Good Awards, an awards competition designed to raise global awareness of the positive impact brands, agencies, and nonprofits can have on society.

RT will compete with Google and Verizon in the “Best in Education” category at the awards, and with a UN project for “Best Overall Twitter Presence”.

Other finalists at the Shorty Social Good Awards include projects by brands such as Al Jazeera, Mashable, Twitter, McCann, M&M’s, and Airbnb.


Orionids meteor shower: All you need to know about this dazzling sky


The Orionids are set to peak this weekend, lighting up night skies with a dazzling display of streaking meteors, which – happily for space enthusiasts – can be viewed from anywhere on Earth.

In advance of the impressive show, here’s a primer on the annual meteor shower and how to view it.


‘Everyone should stand’ for anthem, but NFL won’t change policy – commissioner


The National Football League is not changing its policy, but the commissioner is insisting that all players should stand for the US national anthem. President Donald Trump has blasted players who refused to stand as disrespectful.

Goodell added, however, that there was no talk of changing the language from “should stand”to “must stand,” at the fall meeting of 11 owners and more than a dozen players at the NFL headquarters in New York, according to AP.

This did not seem to impress Trump, who tweeted to the NFL: “Too much talk, not enough action.”