China Target in US Nord Stream Deal

‘China has become Germany’s largest trade partner, surpassing the United States. China is far more important than the US for sustaining Germany’s export-led economy. Maintaining relations with Beijing is as vital to Berlin as the gas from Russia is for Germany’s long-term development.’

Utuqaq ~ Iva Radivojevic

Utuqaq ~ Ice that lasts year after year ~

‘Ice has a memory’ – an Inuit poem contemplates scientific exploration of Greenland

Greenland is the world’s largest island, a sprawling landmass covered by a notoriously receding ice sheet. With a population of just 56,000, it’s also one of the least populated places on Earth. The vast majority of these Greenlanders are Greenlandic Inuit, with roots on the island stretching back centuries. Recent decades, however, have brought a new kind a visitor – climate scientists with complex devices for drilling and prodding the Earth. Setting up temporary camps that tend to leave permanent marks, they aim to peer into the deep past preserved in the ice, hoping that it will offer hints about the climate’s precarious future.

A stunning and poetic Arctic short, UTUQAQ, is directed by Iva Radivojević. In the Arctic, ice is both all around and constantly disappearing. “Utuqaq” explores climate change from the perspective of this beautiful and vital element, as four researchers embark on an expedition to drill ice cores in subzero temperatures.

Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief: Pegasus leaks show nobody is safe from espionage

In this episode of Going Underground, we speak to WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson. He discusses the leaks that showed some 50,000 people are potential targets of the Pegasus spyware that has been sold to governments around the world by NSO, an Israeli company, and the inescapable global surveillance apparatus that has now become privatized. He also discusses Julian Assange’s US extradition case, slamming the ongoing detention of the WikiLeaks founder despite a key witness in the case admitting to lying.

Next, we speak to Professor Richard Murphy, co-founder of the Tax Justice Network. He claims UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is “rotten to the core,” having faced numerous accusations of corruption throughout the pandemic, and why Johnson’s decision to lift nearly all coronavirus restrictions will prove to be a catastrophic mistake. He goes on to discuss why the Treasury Committee exonerated David Cameron for lobbying on behalf of Greensill Capital, and explains why he believes it was a strategic decision to protect the former prime minister. Finally, he talks about the controversial appointment of a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club to a key oversight position on the government’s sleaze watchdog, and why the UK has become one of the world’s most lucrative tax havens.

Cuba and the US: The Difference Between Dictatorship and Tyranny

‘By all Western standards it can be said that Cuba is a dictatorship, but it is necessary to remember that the United States is the tyranny that created it, a brutal tyranny that has been going on for at least two hundred years.’

Bolivian political analyst: US embargo main reason for Cuba’s hardships!

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Diego Von Vacano, a Bolivian political analyst. He discusses the protests in Cuba over a lack of Covid-19 vaccines, medical supplies and shortages in goods, the causes of Cuba’s hardships and why the US economic blockade is the largest cause, mainstream media focus on anti-revolution Cubans in Miami, many of whom are descendants of those that benefited from the US-backed Batista regime, the chances of US intervention in Cuba and Bolivia, Bolivia’s approach to accepting foreign investment, the country’s turn to green energy, and much more!

Finally, we speak to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation’s chief economist, Maximo Torero. He discusses the large increase in chronically undernourished people around the world, how coronavirus lockdown-fuelled economic recessions have reduced incomes dramatically and fuelled the food security crisis, the role of climate change and conflicts in exacerbating world hunger, why the FAO 2021 report doesn’t focus as much on hunger and poverty in Western countries, Cuba’s successful elimination of hunger before the pandemic, and much more!

Noam Chomsky – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

‘Amy Goodman narrates a short video piece for Al Jazeera based on Noam Chomsky’s book “Manufacturing Consent”, a seminal work on mainstream journalism and its role in the mechanics of power. According linguist and Chomsky, media operate through 5 filters: ownership, advertising, the media elite, flak and the common enemy.’