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Waxing toward full Hunter’s Moon

hunters moon

The Hunter’s Moon is the full moon immediately after the Harvest Moon – the closest full moon to the autumn equinox. This year’s full Harvest Moon fell on the night of September 24-25, 2018, a touch more than two days after the September equinox.

For all of us, this month’s full moon will come on October 24 at 16:45 UTC; translate UTC to your time.

The times don’t really matter. No matter where you live worldwide, look for a full-looking moon in the east as the sun goes down over the next several evenings. This full or full-looking moon will cross our skies throughout the night, as seen from around the globe.



The assault on the new colossus: Trump’s threat to close the U.S.-Mexican border


‘The huddled masses travelling North from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are asylum seekers escaping violence, looking for safety. They are the tired, the poor, the homeless yearning to breath free. How we treat them is a reflection of who we are.’

President Trump took to Twitter with a threat to close the U.S.-Mexican border. The back-to-back tweets echoed the same words: assault, onslaught, criminals, drugs. Most of them in capital letters, of course.

Trump claimed that he will “call up the U.S. military” to shut down the border….


Thom Hartmann: American democracy is on the brink


The Republican Party is currently hoping to win nationwide using two simple elements: explicit and overt racism, and voter suppression.

No “ideas”; no pitch for tax cuts; no discussion of their “replacement” for the Affordable Care Act; no push for better schools, hospitals, airports, roads or bridges; no promise for more and better jobs—none of these staples of the 2016 presidential campaign can be found in pretty much any Republican advertising today.

The Republican party’s messaging calls on its deep roots of racism and voter suppression this election.


The War on Terror is the Reign of Terror


So, does an accidental killing lead to dismemberment of the body and hiding of all the evidence and waiting days before admitting to the killing?  If the United States accepts this version of events for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, we are really living in a world of fake news and, worse, a conspiracy against the truth about our relationship with Saudi Arabia.




Jill Stein, Women’s March on Pentagon 2018 ‘We are being robbed blind by the war profiteers’


2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein spoke to Consortium News Video during the rally at the Pentagon following the Women’s March to the war headquarters on Sunday.  Stein said she attended the march and spoke to the crowd because she wanted to be at “ground zero” for the “survival of humanity.”

She protested the “political, bi-partisan system” that is “in bed” with those who profit from war.

On the importance of women leading the way in protest, Stein said: “Feminism is incompatible with militarism.”

Watch the 6:29 video interview here:

What internationalists say about nationalism


Donald Trump’s repulsive nationalism has to be opposed, but that isn’t the end of the matter for socialists. Alan Maass looks for answers to the national question.