Unhappy Holidays: Houston Police Force Homeless People To Throw Away Food

On Thursday, the Houston Police Department targeted a group of homeless advocates who were attempting to hand out hot food and gifts to the homeless.



Houston Police Force Homeless People To Throw Away Food

If You Think Jesus Was White, Here Are Five Reasons You’re Wrong


Given the alarming rise of white nationalism in the United States and the ways in which it is often entangled with Christian nationalism, it is worthwhile remembering exactly whose birth was commemorated Sunday. – 2016/12/26

Source: If You Think Jesus Was White, Here Are Five Reasons You’re Wrong

From Russian Nihilists to Al-Qaeda: The dark spectre of political correctness


by Vladimir Golstein at the Duran


A spectre is haunting Europe—and it is not the spectre of communism. Marx’s dream had been replaced by a much more primitive, pernicious, and grotesque spectre, that of Political Correctness and by its twin brother: equally primitive, grotesque and virulent xenophobia and racism.

This spectre replacement is hardly coincidental. Like a good cop, bad cop routine, these twin brothers seem to succeed in their insidious attempt to suppress any serious discourse of domestic or foreign policies, any attempt to go beyond the previously approved and predetermined lines of reasoning so that the ruling order remains protected from Marx’s or any other truly dangerous spectres.

Besides its philosophical poverty, PC had recently demonstrated its utter bankruptcy in the face of wars, invasions, population displacement, and cheap labor policies. It failed to formulate and carry out a proper response to the so-called refugee crisis that overwhelmed…

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