Under siege by liberals: the town where everyone owns a gun


‘Nucla, Colorado, was founded by socialists before becoming a mining town. Now, as wealthy liberals with different values encroach, the town is fighting for its economic survival.

The town, named after the minerals extracted and processed there, had secretly supplied uranium to the Manhattan Project during the war. Afterward, the cold war uranium boom made the town prosper.

Things changed in 1986 when Uravan was declared a Superfund site contaminated by hazardous waste. The mine closed, residents moved out. The entire town – the trees, the houses, the post office, the Coke glasses from the drug store – was shredded and buried in a concrete-lined hole. The only thing left behind was the town’s metal flagpole, which was moved to the abandoned baseball field.’




‘Nucla made national headlines in 2013.   It passed an ordinance mandating that every head of household had to own a gun.’


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