Moscow ‘won’t bend or break’ over US sanctions – Russian envoy to UN


‘Moscow “won’t bend” and has no plans to change its policies following Donald Trump’s signing of new anti-Russian sanctions, says its permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya.

“If those who came up with this bill thought that they could change our policies with it, they were mistaken. History is proof of that. They need to understand that we do not bend or break,” Nebenzya told journalists in New York.’


‘The Russian president’s decision to cull 755 U.S. Embassy employees was not the act of a man ready to give up on relations with the United States.  What Putin sees in the United States is a country undergoing three monumental crises. The first is a cold war between Trump and his detractors that has all but paralyzed the U.S. government. The second is an even more fundamental conflict between the ever-richer elites and a wide section of the American people whose living standards have stagnated for decades. The former conflict may be resolved within two to four years, via impeachment or new elections, but the latter will take much longer to be sorted out. The third is a crisis in U.S. foreign policy: a conflict between those who want continued American global leadership and those who seek retrenchment. This conflict may take the longest of all to resolve itself — and until the United States decides what sort of country it wants to be on all these fronts, we can reasonably expect the Russian president to tread with caution.’

If Putin Wanted to Step Up His Fight With America, You’d Know It


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