‘US-orchestrated violence in Venezuela uses same model as events in Ukraine’ – Maduro interview


‘The US is trying to “destroy” Venezuela and rob it of its resources with the model used in Ukraine’s coup, but with violence “a thousand times worse,” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told RT. He also explained how the National Constituent Committee was designed to reconcile the country torn by opposition riots.’


Venezuela unrest used to target Labour leader Corbyn


‘In June 2015, before taking part in any leadership contest, Corbyn said Maduro’s policy-making in certain fields, such as health, housing and education, were cause for “celebration.”  When asked that same year about Maduro’s policies, he said: “Venezuela gives every child a future, a school, a doctor – a chance,” according to the Daily Mail.  Maduro has also greeted Corbyn as a “friend of Venezuela.”


What The Media Isn’t Telling You About The Jailing Of Opposition Leaders In Venezuela

Leopoldo Lopez

‘Western media have described Leopoldo López, a politician who has a dark history of inciting violent protests, as the “Venezuelan Nelson Mandela.” But they have ignored the facts surrounding his recent arrest, as well as that of fellow opposition leader Antonio Ledezma.’


‘The counter-revolution can only be combatted by revolutionary means. The workers and peasants can only trust their own forces. Defend the gains of the Bolivarian revolution, expropriate the oligarchy.’


Trump imposes sanctions on Maduro after Venezuelan constituent assembly elections



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