Nissan dispute could go down as most vicious anti-union crusade in decades



‘Nissan’s efforts to stop workers from forming a union is an all-too-familiar story of how greedy corporations divide and conquer working people, writes Bernie Sanders’


The UAW Vote in Mississippi is a Battle for the Soul of the U.S. Labor Movement

‘Nissan workers in Canton, Mississippi, voted against unionizing on Friday by a margin of 2,244 to 1,307. The vote was a disappointing defeat for those who hoped to open the door for union organizing across the American south,’

  • United Automobile Workers fails in bid to organize in southern car plant
  • New charges with National Labor Relations Board could prompt new vote

‘The UAW stressed that its fight against Nissan’s unfair treatment of workers isn’t over, as complaints against the company filed through the NLRB are awaiting trial.’


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