Separated – Children at the border


“Separated: Children at the Border” explores immigration policy decisions through two presidencies – and the impact on children and families. Watch NOW on & online:

The inside story of what happened to immigrant children separated from their parents at the border. The film explores the impact of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, and how both Trump and Obama dealt with minors at the border.

South China Morning Post: China’s two big mistakes in trade war may lead to middle-income trap



‘Beijing has made two mistakes in the trade war with Washington, for which China will pay a heavy price.

Beijing has repeatedly said it is not afraid of a trade war with Washington, while state media has attempted to call on Chinese to “share the hardship” with the government … ‘

China’s four trump cards in the trade war:

White Helmets, the human rights industry, and more …


Vanessa Beeley, Patrick Henningsen

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‘We’re told that 800 White Helmets had to be ‘rescued’ via Israel because they were “being targeted”. Also, Syria officially recognized South Ossetia this week; new advice on how to avoid Novichok; warned of social unrest if ‘no deal’ goes through on Brexit …’

Patrick Henningsen, Mike Robinson

“Brutal and Sadistic”: Noam Chomsky on family separation & the U.S. roots of today’s refugee crisis


Listen to world renowned linguist Noam Chomsky discuss the U.S. immigration crisis, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic primary win, Trump administration’s climate policies and more on



A New Party of a New Type


‘The Democratic Party is hopelessly corporate, but election law is stacked against third parties. The Left needs an independent organization that can stay flexible about running as Democrats but behaves with the discipline of a real party.’

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Fake interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was satire, not hoax, Conservative pundit says


Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old former bartender who ousted 10-time incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary last month, suggested that the video looked more like a dirty trick than a joke.

Trump’s Helsinki Faceplant Is a Grim Reflection of Washington’s Uncompromising Anti-Russia Crusade


‘Regardless of where one stands on the question of US-Russia ties and the qualities (or lack thereof) of the two countries’ leaders, the event was a four-alarm dumpster fire from the standpoint of US imperialist pride and prestige.’