Srećko Horvat on Julian Assange & Europe’s progressive movement – DiEM25


In this exclusive Zain Raza interview with philosopher, author, activist and co-founder of the Democracy in Europe 2025 (DiEM25), Srećko Horvat, we talk about the case of Julian Assange. Furthermore we talk in-depth about DiEM25 – how it has evolved since its launch in 2016 and the challenges it has encountered internally along its journey.




‘Easy to pay for something that costs less’


Robert Pollin, Michael Lighty

New study shows Medicare for All would save US $5.1 trillion over ten years.

“Medicare for All promises a system that is fairer, more efficient, and vastly less expensive than America’s bloated, monopolized, over-priced and under-performing private health insurance system.”

Watch the full discussion of the new paper between Pollin and Lighty at The Sanders Institute Gathering below:



The End of Illusion


As Trump begins the demolition of the regulatory state, we start to see how hollow many of Gang Green’s alleged environmental victories of the past—from coal mining and air quality regulations to endangered species protections and new national monuments—really are. They are being wiped out with a slash of the pen.

As the archdruid David Brower used to say: “When we win, it’s only a stay of execution, when they win it’s forever. Thus we must be eternally vigilant.” These days the corporate environmental movement is vigilant about only one thing: claiming fake victories in their sustained barrage of fund-raising appeals.

The antidote is action.

In a blow to marine life, Trump administration greenlights seismic blasting in Atlantic

marine life

Trump administration set to OK seismic blasting for oil and gas in Atlantic that will threaten marine wildlife and fisheries.  This move puts the administration’s fossil fuel agenda above marine wildlife and fisheries.

“This is a license for private, for-profit companies to maim and even kill fragile marine life,” says Michael Jasny, director of NRDC’s Marine Mammal Protection Project. “And it’s the first step in exploiting the ocean treasures we all own—all in a reckless quest for more fossil fuels that speed up climate change.”



Video and images from Anchorage, Alaska earthquake


Earlier this afternoon a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck 12 kilometers deep outside of Anchorage, Alaska.  Early reports indicate no significant injuries, but damage reports are slowly trickling in, and some of them are quite significant.  Aftershocks registering as high as 5.8 on the richter scale have also been reported and tsunami warnings remain in effect up and down the southern Alaskan shoreline.

2019 US Congressional women


Longworth House Office Building

A. Cortez,  A. Pressley,  I. Oman,  D. Haaland,  S. Davids,  V. Escobar

Progressive Europeanism in Action


by Yanis Varoufakis

“This is a time for Europeans to be bold, courageous, and prepared to do what our forebears failed to accomplish in the 1930s: to press transnational democratic politics into the service of progressive Europeanism”

The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, DiEM25, has already formulated such an agenda, a Green New Deal for Europe, and has formed such a transnational electoral formation, the European Spring. In May 2019, when the European Parliament election takes place, the European Spring will contest them via the national parties we have established, or allied with, across the continent …

China urged to lead way in efforts to save life on Earth


Delegates at UN biodiversity conference turn to Beijing to avoid point of no return.

China must play a leading role if the world is to draw up a new and more effective strategy to halt the collapse of life on Earth, according to senior delegates at the close of this week’s UN biodiversity conference.

With the US absent, Europe distracted and Brazil tilting away from global cooperation, the onus has shifted towards Beijing, the diplomats said after two weeks of slow-moving talks on how to maintain the natural infrastructure on which humanity depends.

Brazil reneges on hosting UN climate talks under Bolsonaro presidency


Reversal comes two months after country agreed to host COP25 conference in 2019 – and one month after far-right climate sceptic won election.

Brazil has abandoned plans to host crucial UN climate talks in 2019 amid growing signs of the anti-internationalism of the new government being formed by president-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

The shift has been abrupt. Just two months ago – shortly before the election – the foreign ministry said Brazil’s offer to host the COP25 talks “confirms the country’s leadership role in sustainable development issues” and “reflects the consensus of Brazilian society on the importance and the urgency of actions that contribute to the fight against climate change.”



Climate change fueled fires are killing people. New Congress members are ready to act


Just as climate change superfires decimate, kill, and become the new normal, a new brand of climate champions have just been ushered into Congress. We think their added presence might help us curb the threat to humanity that climate change has become.