White Evangelicals, this is why people are through with you


by John Pavlovitz


Noam Chomsky: Ocasio-Cortez and other newcomers are rousing the multitudes


A quick glance around the world today reveals that politics almost everywhere — from the federal government shutdown in the US to the power struggle in Venezuela and from Macron’s crisis in France and UK’s Brexit nightmare to the Israeli-Iranian rivalry – are engulfed in a state of uncertainty and turmoil. Meanwhile, oligarchy is replacing democracy as the widening social and economic gap between rich and poor continues unabated. So, who rules the world now?


Ending the war in Yemen tweets


Donald Trump and the yankee plot to overthrow the Venezuelan government – podcast


Intercepted ~ Jeremy Scahill, Allan Nairn, Eva Golinger, Roberto Lovato

The White House is openly plotting to bring down the government of Nicolas Maduro in Caracas. It is being openly promoted as a campaign to steal Venezuelan oil for the benefit of U.S. corporations, and some powerful Democrats are cheering Trump on and joining the conspiracy. Elliott Abrams, one of the premiere butchers of the U.S. dirty wars in Central America in the 1980s, has been named the point man in the effort to bring regime change to Venezuela. This week on Intercepted: Investigative journalist Allan Nairn talks about the history of U.S. crimes in Central America, the time he told Abrams, on national television, he should stand trial for war crimes, and the threat of U.S. military action in Venezuela. Corporate media coverage of Venezuela has been atrocious and largely uniform with the role of successive U.S. administrations in destabilizing the country almost never highlighted. Former Hugo Chávez adviser Eva Golinger and journalist and educator Roberto Lovato discuss how Venezuela was thrust into economic crisis, who is responsible, and what Washington really wants.

The making of Juan Guaidó: US regime-change laboratory created Venezuela’s coup leader


The Washington favorite has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization, write Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal of Grayzone.

Before the fateful date of Jan. 22, fewer than 1-in-5 Venezuelans had heard of Juan Guaidó. Only a few months ago, the 35-year-old was an obscure character in a politically marginal far-right group closely associated with gruesome acts of street violence. Even in his own party, Guaidó had been a mid-level figure in the opposition-dominated National Assembly, which is now held under contempt according to Venezuela’s constitution.


Bernie Sanders introduces Noam Chomsky 30 years ago – Not much has changed


In the last 30 years, the rich have gotten richer, by far. Look at the number of billionaires and ‘coincidentally’ the middle class and poor have gotten poorer. And the USA continues on it’s war, military industrial complex driven aim to enslave the Middle East, Africa and Asia – in it’s quest to dominate over, everyone. This BTW is not a reflection on a large part of the US population that has had enough of the culture of war, but more a statement on the government and the elite culture of perpetual war.