Ahmadinejad speech


Ahmadinejad tells American leaders “You are not Christian – There is no quality of Jesus Christ in you” “Israelis are not Jews”

On Australian TV, Julian Assange’s father calls for son’s freedom


On the nationally-televised “60 minutes” program last night, John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, issued a powerful call for his son’s freedom. The program was aired on Channel Nine some two weeks after Assange was illegally expelled from Ecuador’s London embassy, where he was granted asylum in 2012, and arrested by British police.


”So today, as first minister of Scotland, I am declaring that there is a climate emergency.”


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared a “climate emergency” in her speech to the SNP conference.


Walt Whitman’s Guide to a Thriving Democracy


‘Walt Whitman, who was born 200 years ago this year, is almost certainly the greatest American poet. In many ways, he is also the most enigmatic. Before 1855, the year that Whitman published Leaves of Grass, he had achieved no distinction whatsoever. He had no formal education—no Oxford, no Cambridge, no Harvard or Yale. His life up to his 35th year had been anything but a success.’


Democracy Now: Noam Chomsky, April 12, 2019


Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky

A must watch video on the state of the world! on the threats to democracy, rise of the , , nuclear threat et al & how to counter these challenges.