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LAVROV: US bases in Syria have “NO LEGAL BASIS”


‘Russia’s Foreign Minister reminds the world of a crucial fact that many seem to have forgotten.

The US mainstream media has been going into Russophobic overdrive ever since it was announced that Donald Trump has ordered the CIA to stop funding Salafist terrorists in Syria, a program that was a flagship policy of Barack Obama.

The development is a small win for Syria and close to inconsequential for Russia.’

Julian Assange praises Trump’s move to stop arming Salafists in Syria

Julian Assange

‘Julian Assange has offered a strong endorsement of Donald Trump’s decision to stop the CIA programme to arm Salafist jihadist fighters in Syria. This was one of the flagship policies of the Obama administration.’

Bolivia builds over 400 libraries for prisoners, indigenous


‘Construction of the libraries form part of a literacy campaign in Bolivia targeting historically-oppressed communities.

The Bolivian government has created over 400 community libraries as part of a program called Bolivia Reads, a nationwide campaign promoting literacy in rural and urban areas across the country.’

Bolivia Prepares Literacy Programs in 36 Indigenous Languages

The libraries are designated for prisoners, Indigenous communities, people with disabilities, campesinos and the elderly.–20170721-0006.html

Global support for Venezuela deters US attacks: Ex-ambassador


‘Former Ambassador Julio Escalona said that some of the diplomatic tactics currently being used against Venezuela mirror those used against Libya.
 U.S. aggression against the South American country is precluded by worldwide support for the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela Opposition Attacks Nursery at VTV, Forcing Evacuation

During an interview with VTV, Escalona said that Venezuela holds important positions in international organizations and enjoys warm relations with most countries, debunking claims that it is a rogue nation.

“It is false that Venezuela is isolated,” Escalona said.

People’s summit expresses support for Venezuela


‘More than 80 organizations are taking part in the talks from all over the region.

On the eve of the main day of the Southern Common Market Summit, Mercosur, in Argentina, social movements at the People’s Summit in the city of Mendoza have given their full support to Venezuela.’