Trump’s Helsinki Faceplant Is a Grim Reflection of Washington’s Uncompromising Anti-Russia Crusade


‘Regardless of where one stands on the question of US-Russia ties and the qualities (or lack thereof) of the two countries’ leaders, the event was a four-alarm dumpster fire from the standpoint of US imperialist pride and prestige.’



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Ecuadorian president arrives in Britain as Julian Assange’s fate hangs in the balance


‘Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno arrives in London today, with his administration seeking to force WikiLeaks editor and Australian citizen Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy there, where he sought and was granted political asylum in 2012.

If Assange leaves the embassy he will be imprisoned by Britain for breaching bail and almost certainly face an application to extradite him to the United States to stand trial on manufactured charges of espionage.’

Inventing Reality ~ Michael Parenti


Reasons why the belief that a U.S. free and independent press exists:

  1. There is ideological congruity between many members of the working press and media owners
  2. Within the existing ideological consensus with a small range of views on what to do about foreign and domestic policy issues but not challenging fundamental pro-capitalist mythology, there exists an appearance of diversity
  3. There is much anticipatory self-censorship practiced by reporters, editors, and producers
  4. The rewards and punishments designed to induce conformity also socialize people into the existing system
  5. The more obvious and undeniable instances of coercion, bias, and censorship are seen as aberrations
  6. Reporters and editors who say they are guided by professional integrity and journalistic standards of autonomy and objectivity rarely define those terms.

‘News people can cloak themselves in the mantle of objectivity only by ignoring the differences of perspective that make objectify a highly debatable concept. In order to maintain a sense of self-respect and independence, many news people deny the realities of class power under which they manufacture the news.

Media corporate executives and owners also maintain that their editors and reporters enjoy independence. This lends a democratic facade to an undemocratic relationship (owners have the power; those who work for them do not) in order to better secure and legitimate the power they wield.’

In this talk from 1993, Parenti talks about media consolidation and the top-down control of information:

Michael Parenti ~ Inventing Reality (1993)

The Violence Central American Migrants Are Fleeing Was Stoked by the US


‘As courts, law enforcement, and the Trump administration continue to sort out what to do with the steady stream of migrants either crossing the southern border illegally or seeking asylum, the roots of the current misery are often forgotten. The desperate border-crossers often come from Central America’s “Northern Triangle”—El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras—and are fleeing high homicide rates and violence in those countries. But this instability did not arise in a vacuum. Many historians and policy experts are quick to point out that much of the troubles in Central America were created or at least helped by the US’s interference in those countries going back decades. In other words, the foreign policy of the past has profoundly shaped the present immigration crisis … ‘

Oil-rich Neuquén, Argentina is the Site of a New U.S. Military Base

The Week That Was in Latin America Photo Gallery

‘Obsessive media focus on President Trump’s personal indecencies undoubtedly contributes to important news stories not seeing the light of day. In that regard, it’s no wonder the U.S. public is generally unaware of U.S. military interventions in parts of the world, particularly in Latin America. That way, U.S. imperial excess gets a pass.’