2 previously unknown Van Gogh drawings discovered



Coldest village on Earth: Residents of Siberian settlement unfazed by -62C temperatures


The Siberian outpost of Oymyakon is officially the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth – yet residents incredibly go about their day-to-day routines despite bone-chilling temperatures of -62C (-80F).



‘New California’ declares independence from state, blames high taxes & poor services



A group hoping to breakaway from California because of high taxes and their unhappiness with how the state is run has declared independence for ‘New California.’

The group’s leaders released a Declaration of Independence on Monday in the hopes that it will eventually lead to independence from the state capitol, Sacramento.

Unlike the Calexit movement, which is looking for independence from the United States for the entire state of California, the New California group wants to remain a part of the US but it no longer wants to be governed by the state of California.

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N.Korea faces unrealistic preconditions, US regime change policy made it seek nukes – Tulsi Gabbard


Washington’s policy of worldwide violent regime change has spurred Pyongyang to develop nuclear weapons, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has said, adding that Pyongyang is being saddled with “unrealistic preconditions” from the West.

Gabbard took to Twitter to point out that the US already found itself “seconds away” from a nuclear attack during the Cold War in 1962. She said “peace with North Korea requires immediate and direct talks without preconditions.”

The Hawaii Rep., who is an Iraq War veteran, blamed American behavior on the international arena for creating the very preconditions for the current crisis on the Korean Peninsula.


Your guide to defying the news censors and opening your mind to thought-provoking content


The world of news is a minefield, with large corporations on a crusade to shield people from exposure to ‘poisonous’ views and opinions that diverge from the party line. But you can fight back – and here’s how …